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Innovative Cables

In our almost 40 years of experience we have learned that the ( dynamic ) application determines which cable construction performs the best. We have a huge range of possibilities when it comes to outside jacket materials, protections, connector options, cable construction, all there to give you the best possible solution. With Gigalink you are not limited to one cable manufacturer’s capabilities but we can use our range of partners to construct a reliable connection.

During the years we have seen many applications in different areas, so use our expertise and experience and please send us your requirement and we will design you a fit for purpose solution, making your system reliable and therefore cost effective. So the sky is the limit, below we have listed some examples of developments we have done, and are proud of.

''We DESIGN with our EXPERTISE to ensure the PERFORMANCE of the cables''

Gigalink has designed the de-icing power cables for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Multiple flexing in small bending radii, vibrations, limited space, low weight requirements and chemical inert and flame resistant properties had to be combined. Our product passed a 3 time expected lifetime ( 30 years ) endurance flextest with flying colours. From day 1 thousand’s of  cable systems have been installed, with a 0% failure rate.

Instrumentation cable in underwater pile driver hammers.

Exposed to water pressure, and also high mechanical impact we have designed a strong cable with reinforcements to withstand the mechanical stresses exposed on this cable. Up to now they are still hammering away somewhere in the world.


Flatcables for use in high temperature, radiation environment.

Temperatures over 120 degree C, radiation plus the requirement to have the conductors in a flatcable. We solved this puzzle.


Spiral cord coaxial for antenna connections at construction machines.

Normal coaxial cables didn’t last for more than some weeks. Hanging freely in the air these cables were bouncing and swinging all workingday long. We designed a ruggedized, double screened coaxial cable with ruggedized mounting black anodised N type connectors, increasing the operational lifetime to years.


Cables for underwater vehicles and diving bells.

Optical Fibres, coaxes, instrumentation, power and strength members, all components which will be incorporated into these type of cables. Water pressure, reeling, mechanical stress, a very harsh environment. Each application needs its own design.


Cables for mobile phone droptest.

36 conductors needed en a cable so flexible and light it does not influence the actual 2 meter drop of the light mobile phone. Fortunately we know exactly who will be able to make such a cable.

Reverse Engineering.

We have helped customers in replacing cable supplier for obsolete cable products. 

Based on a sample we will reverse engineer a equivalent product, often increasing the capability and performace.

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