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Microwave cables supplier

Do you need microwave cable assemblies? Are you looking for a supplier of microwave cables? Gigalink MCE can help you. Almost 40 years ago, we started designing and producing customer specified cables for dynamic applications making Gigalink MCE experts in this field. In 1988 Gigalink MCE became supplier of the well-known ALPEN Microwave high performance ultra low loss microwave cable assemblies. Electrical cables seem to be a simple, straight forward product, but as soon as there is a dynamic element involved, such as vibrations, flexures and high temperatures, it is important that a suitable cable product is designed into the system.

Microwave cables fit for purpose within your budget

The conductors, insulation materials, type of shielding, build-up, and outer jackets, all have to be matched to ensure a fit for purpose microwave cable product. Today, we are very successful in the design and together with our partners, we are a supplier of both microwave and electrical cables for applications where specific solutions are required to perform at its best in a dynamic environment. We offer bespoke solutions and can design a custom microwave cable assembly to meet your technical requirements, both electrical and mechanical. We do this within your budget, often decreasing the cost levels with your current suppliers. Cables are important components of all systems and a failure causes low reliability and high expenses for repairs and non-working equipment. Gigalink MCE delivers to the most demanding markets: aerospace and defense as well as to telecommunication and test and measurement applications.


''Microwave connections at its best''


Our custom microwave cable assemblies

For your environmental demands, like low temperatures at flexures or mechanical impact, we offer custom microwave cable assemblies with extra protections or use different jacket materials to ensure a trouble free performance of our assemblies. Also adaptations of the connectors are possible.

Experts in RF interconnections

As experts in microwave connection technology we understand your demands on VSWR, attenuation, power handling, phase matching, phase and amplitude stability. Our range of cables are up to date improved designs compared to the Alpen Microwave Cables, which have been designed in the early 80’s of the last century. When these microwave cables are in their application exposed to flexes, high or low temperatures, vibration and acceleration, humidity or possible impact from outside we can propose a custom fit for purpose cable solution to ensure an as long as possible operational period. As a supplier, Gigalink MCE offers a wide range of custom flexible high frequency signal coaxial microwave cables and assemblies, where we can add protections, special designed connector for your cable, humidity barriers and more. We are looking forward to your challenge.


Innovative cable solutions

Our experience is not limited to RF products, on the contrary. In the market for electrical cables for demanding dynamic applications, we have a well-recognized expertise. Cables are often regarded as a simple product, low on the list of priorities. As a supplier, we have seen multiple cases where the choice of, for the application, not suitable microwave cables resulted in big delays in the project and thus increased costs. If you have a cable requirement in a demanding application, please contact us. We provide an innovative balance of commercial and technical requirements to offer cost-effective microwave cable design solutions, for our custom designed multicore cables and low minimum order quantities as little as 200 meters for special cables. We can work with almost all materials available in the cable industry. Bespoke conductors or extra protections, radiation resistance or 1000 °C environment?

Flexible, silicone encapsulated flat cables

Gigalink MCE is the first cable supplier in Europe to introduce flexible, silicone encapsulated flat cables revolutionizing the market for dynamically used cables. Offering higher current carrying capacity, extreme flexibility, easy termination and space efficiency, silicone encapsulated cables have a wide variety of possibilities in robotic, airborne, military and space applications. We also supply our silicone encapsulated flat cable in a halogen free version. We design a custom cable solution where your vital link will meet harsh mechanical requirements.


Gigalink MCE designs unique microwave cable assemblies for customers in demanding markets where product reliability and control on design of components is crucial. Therefore, being certified according to ISO 9001 is an absolute must. Standard procedures are the two audits we perform every year to guarantee that procedures are followed and improvements are recognized and implemented.

Each microwave cable assembly supplied by Gigalink MCE is 100% tested, inspected, and certified to meet the requirements specified and is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and/or workman-ship at the time of delivery.

Click here to download our certificate:

Rely on us if you are active in these markets

Gigalink MCE delivers microwave cable products to the most demanding markets: aerospace and defense as well as for telecommunication and test and measurement applications. As an experienced supplier of microwave cable products, we will gladly help you design your connection systems using all our expertise and the knowledge of our partners. Please call us for more information.


Shipboard cable, resistant to the toughest environment with excellent electrical RF performance, high power handling for long range surveillance. Underwater cable and connection systems.


Increased transmission speed, ultra low cable loss, ruggedized cable for outside use, special designs for dynamic use.

A001 Meteor.jpg
Air Force

High electrical RF and super dynamic performance, resistance to vibrations and G-forces, decreased weight, special connectors.

S009 huygens.jpg

High electrical RF performance, low weight, resistance to temperature shocks and G- forces, test and measurement for clean room environments and thermo vacuum chambers.

Land Force

Field cable with high electrical RF performance and superior mechanical properties. Power and instrumentation cable with the matching multi pin circular connectors.

Image by Ethan McArthur
Civil Aviation

Decreased weight on TCAS, Satcom, ATC and communication systems.

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